Santiago Vidal is the creative vision and owner of U Imagine Photo. Please check this FAQ sheet to know a bit more about his vision on wedding photography.

What’s your wedding photographic style?

My wedding photography is a combination of concepts and streams. On one side I enjoy capturing fashion style portraits of my brides and grooms. On the other, I like to create Fine Art pieces while shooting for the couple alone. And supporting this, I like to use my photojournalist background to create a narration for your day. So I will turn your wedding into a beautiful story and tell a little bit of it with every image, and on top of this you will have some Fine Art images to frame at home, plus a set of splendid magazine like portraits full of your style and attitude.

Do you shoot with an assistant or a second photographer?

A second photographer allows more shots, better shots, and a second point of view of the day, but is not essential unless it s a very big wedding. I do bring an assistant to every job, that helps me with the set ups when I want to achieve some of the difficult shots.

How can we make a reservation for our wedding?

Write me or call me, and let´s discuss details! Once everything is clear and you are ready to book me, I´ll give you a few simple steps to make a reservation for your wedding week.

When do we pay the final balance of our package?

The package must be paid up to 30% to save a day, and the remaining balance is to be paid in full prior to the wedding day or when the job begins.

Do you work only in the Dominican Republic?

No. I travel all around if it’s necessary, and not exclusively in the Caribbean area. I do weddings and commercial photography and I do get enquiries for other projects too. Obviously travelling expenses have an important role in the photography service cost, so it only would make sense if it was for a big wedding or event. However, when I travel, I always look for several transport options to bring the price down as much as I can, and I always look for my transport costs to be reasonable. I speak fluent english, french and spanish, so I can communicate with quite a lot of people anywhere.

Do you need a shot list?

There is no need, as you can come to me any time and let me know about any picture you want me to take. The only list of pictures I need, and it is your responsability to let me know before time comes, is about the group pictures you want. It is impossible for me to know what part of your family is attending, and who are your relatives so you have to lead the group pictures moment.

How far in advance should we book?

The earlier you book, the earlier you know your wedding day is fully secured.

How can we pay?

Payments are available cash, via bank transfer on some countries, or via Paypal with a 10% comission. We are working on a credit card payment option.

Can I get my pictures before I leave for home?

Most couples spend little time at the destination after the wedding. Delivering the pictures after a big wedding in such little time as two days is not possible, as I check thoroughly every picture and I want my final delivery to really stand out. So for our regular packages, I offer an Online Private Gallery to our couples and the pictures are ready after a couple of weeks usually. Images in that gallery are available for you and the ones you choose, for sharing the digital files online and for ordering printed copies delivered in your home or your friends homes.

I think I am going for a lower price.

We quote according to the experience we offer. Our prices have been pondered carefully and are according to our service. At the end, you always get what you pay for.

Can we ask you about wedding venues ?

If you are specifically looking for a wedding planner, I can put you in contact with someone. If you just want to know about places, I can help you too.

Are our friends allowed to take pictures at the wedding?

Friends and family will be attending your wedding with their cameras and phones. We live in an amazing era that makes very easy to have 10 different points of view of every moment at the same time. I just ask the bride and groom to make sure that in the key moments no one will be in the middle of a shot, and to let me take shots first as I am the photographer you are paying for the day.

Why do you require a deposit?

A deposit is always necessary to secure a date. Just because there might be other couples asking for the same day. Your deposit will give you confidence by knowing 100% that you have booked our services.

Are you overparticular for the wedding day?

No, I think I’m not. If you need any special picture with a friend, relative, or guest just let me know and I will do my best for you. Obviously if the wedding ceremony takes the whole day and includes reception, I need to have dinner. It does not have to be the wedding menu, just a regular dinner in a table in some spot where I can see the couple, just to be ready if any spontaneous action takes place.

If you have a particular request for me, for example classic groups photos or similar… Just let me know.

May I choose a photograph album?

Sure. You can choose from a very varied set of different albums and finishes, produced by one of the world leading manufacturers, just because a proper wedding album is a must for the rest of your life, and it is absolutely worth to have. Many couples take their digital files only and several months or years may pass until they decide to compose one album for themselves. We do not recommend that, as we know how to produce great albums and we would love to compose one for you. We guarantee we deliver an absolute piece of art right at your home door.

How long do I have to wait to see the results? Who will choose the shots?

Your pictures will be ready soon after the wedding but we may require a couple of weeks at least, to sort, classify, edit and post produce all the images. The delivered images are carefully selected from the total amount of images and fully edited and improved according to our experience, artistic and technical knowledge. The choice of the shots is made by me because I think that a story should be told by the “narrator” and not by the “characters”.

What about video services?

I do work with a videographer that provides the best results in the area. I can provide you with a videography estimation.

When should we contact you?

It is quite difficult to aswer this question. There are parts of the year that are very busy; according to my personal experience if you intend to marry from April to July it would be better to contact me at least 6 months before.

Is my deposit refundable in case of wedding cancelation?

It’s not, sorry. I may have had other requests for your date and declined them.

The pictures on your website are yours or they are made by your co-workers?

On the website all pictures have been thought, made and processed only by me. I own the studio and I am in charge of the creative photographic part. Sometimes I require an assistant, or a videographer and for those occasions I will call another photographer that does an excelent job. I only work with people that I know and trust.

How can I do to have the original files of the wedding?

Our prices include the original shots plus a selection of corrected and carefully edited high resolution format JPGs.

Do you send wedding packages and prices lists?

Yes. Our price list is very simple and fair. Write us, call us, and we will send you a quotation. If you need a more specific requirement, let us know and we will take care of it.

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